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In the new product video, the high-performance wet separators are presented in practical use for the first time. In addition, ESTA illustrates exactly what the DUSTOMAT HYDRO series water separation technology is all about.

When grinding, brushing or polishing aluminium or other metals, sparks and highly flammable dusts are often involved. Wet separators, such as the new DUSTOMAT HYDRO series, offer a safe and reliable extraction solution for work areas.

In addition to the versatile areas of application, in the two-minute product video ESTA illustrates what specific advantages users can expect from using the systems. ESTA also provides informative insights into the inner workings of the wet filter systems. These include detailed shots of the multi-stage filter system as well as remarkable close-ups of the innovative water separation technology.

Experience the new DUSTOMAT HYDRO wet separator generation now in the product video.

At the EuroBLECH in Hanover, ESTA’s wet separators made it into the top 3 in the "Connection Technology" category of the EuroBLECH Award 2022.

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