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Engine upgrade: ESTA filter tower with a new heart

The upgrade of the proven FILTOWER series is a big step into the future: All filter towers are now equipped with EC fans. This makes the hall ventilation systems more powerful, quiet and energy-efficient than ever before.

ESTA gives the new FILTOWER series an upgrade: From now on, the filter towers will be equipped with EC fans. The new towers are more powerful and efficient than ever: performance improves up to 10 % compared to the previous versions. The new standard variant also gives users the option of controlling the extraction performance as required. This reduces the power consumption of the towers. Compared to conventional filter towers with radial fans, power savings of up to 50% can be achieved. ESTA also sets new standards when it comes to noise levels thanks to optimized air routing and particularly smooth running fans: the FILTOWER are significantly quieter in operation than the previous versions.

The new generation is available in three performance levels up to a maximum air volume of 22,000 cubic metres per hour. The filter towers are designed for the collection of dust, welding fumes and oil emulsion mist in production halls.

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