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ESTA is extending the range of its tried and tested DUSTOMAT 4 series and now also offers the dust extractors as IFA-tested welding fume filters.

Hitherto, the DUSTOMAT 4 has freed work areas from dust and chips. Now the extraction technology manufacturer ESTA is also offering the mobile devices as welding fume filters. The Institute for Occupational Safety of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (IFA) has certified the particularly energy-saving DUSTOMAT 4 version eco + for the highest welding fume class W3. Thus, the devices themselves may be used for welding cutting and joining processes that use high-alloyed steels (including chrome and nickel steels). When processing these metals special guidelines apply, as the welding fumes may contain carcinogenic substances. The highly effective filter cartridges of the Esta W3 welding fume filter eliminate nearly 100 % of the pollutants contained in the extracted air. This protects the health of employees reliably and permanently. In addition, the cleaned exhaust air may be returned to the work area. Thanks to this recirculation mode, users save money in the winter months, since the heated workshop air does not have to be discharged to the outside.

High separation efficiency with efficient device operation

The combination of high separation performance and the simultaneous high efficiency of the device offers users a central benefit: clean air with low running costs. The EasyControl controller, developed in-house, takes care of the latter. By the interplay of sophisticated sensor technology and a frequency converter, it tricks conventional control systems with up to 50 % power savings. The extraction power can be adjusted manually as well as automatically.

Powerful performance to cope with welding fumes

ESTA offers the DUSTOMAT 4 welding fume filter with W3 certificate in two capacities up to a maximum air volume flow of 3,300 cubic meters per hour. The devices can be quickly and easily exchanged in almost any production process and are suitable as a single or multi-station solution for direct extraction (e. g. on welding robots). Optionally, collection hoods, extraction arms and smaller pipe systems can be connected, so it is always highly flexible in use.

Versions for every requirement

The extraction technology specialist offers the DUSTOMAT 4 line for both welding fumes as well as for dusts and chips. Whether as the eco + version, with W3 certificate, in ATEX-compliant design, with H-mark or with Industry 4.0 functions, the devices represent a suitable extraction solution for almost every application.


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