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Hall ventilation

Clean air in production halls.

Using a holistic hall ventilation system is unavoidable in many applications in order to protect the legal provisions and to protect employees. Depending on the application, these can be added to existing extraction devices or installed as a central suction unit.

ESTA has developed two different processes for hall air extraction- Push Pull mixed ventilation and Upstream layered ventilation. In both cases, a central extraction unit is used, e.g. the ESTA DUSTMAC installation. It is installed in the interior of the hall or outdoors and is connected with an extraction and feed air pipeline. 

In both systems, we can offer you a customer-specific, software-supported and energy-efficient design. By using tried-and-tested ESTA filter technology, we minimise the pollutant loads for employees and at the same time we optimise the climatic conditions in your productions using automatically-regulated supply of fresh air including cooling and heating. This results in a noticeable reduction of your energy costs.

Your benefits

  • Low assembly effort
  • Low procurement and operating costs
  • No limitation on the room surface area
  • Efficient extraction given high pollutant loads
  • Fresh air quality
  • Energy-efficient design including heat recovery
  • Modular construction
  • Increase productivity

The working principle of hall ventilation


Push Pull mixing ventilation


In mixed ventilation, the clean air is fed into the upper area of the hall via jet nozzles which has the effect of mixing the air in the hall.

  • Hall height < 7.5 m
  • Low thermal loads < 10 tons / year welding wire consumption
  • Feed nozzles with high jet range
  • Two pipeline rods opposite each other
  • Suitable for cooling and heating
  • Also designed for dust and odours

Upstream layered ventilation


In layered- or displacement ventilation, the clean area is fed through source vents close to the floor. This provides support for the thermal upswing of welding fumes.

  • Hall height ≥ 7.5 m
  • High thermal loads > 10 tons / year welding wire consumption
  • Displacement outlets close to the floor for generating a layer of cold air
  • Sensors for continuous temperature measurement and fully-automated control of the proportion of fresh air
  • Low air volume flows are sufficient
  • Suitable for cooling and heating
  • Given appropriate thermal loss and suitable for dust and odour


FAIST Plant construction - Krumbach


Hall ventilation system for welding fumes
ESTA Push Pull mixing ventilation

  • DUSTMAC F-567 filter unit
  • Extraction fan 75 kW (45,000 m³/h at 1,500 Pa)
  • Feed fan 11 kW (13,500 m³/h at 1,500 Pa)
  • Control unit with frequency converter
  • Feed pipeline with jet nozzles

PERI - Weißenhorn


Hall extraction system for 23 welding work stations 
ESTA Upstream shift ventilation

  • DUSTMAC F-945 filter unit (installed on roof of hall)
  • ATEX model
  • Two medium-pressure fans MDV-45 kW (75,000 m³/h at 3,500 Pa) with splitter silencer and sound enclosure
  • Capture: Ducting system with extraction grids
  • Cleaned air recovered via 23 source outlets on hall floor
  • Heat recovery system



Use the DUSTMAC-series to implement individual installation concepts for central multi-location extraction. Depending on the type of dust, volume, incidence and composition of the dust, the appropriate filters are used in the filter housing.

The modular welding fume filter WELDEX FE is ideal for extracting large volumes of air from 20,000 to 120,000 m³ / h and can be used both for direct extraction and as a hall ventilation system.

As an alternative or supplement to direct extraction, the free-standing Plug & Play hall ventilation system FILTOWER is suitable. It captures dust, fumes etc without pipelines.

Modular central extraction system for almost any location and industry.

DUSTMAC series

Modular central extraction system for almost any location and industry.



Plug & Play filter towers for the capture and filtration of dust, fumes and oil mist for clean air in the machine hall.

Modular welding fume filter system for large volumes of air up to 120,000 m³ / h.


Modular welding fume filter system for large volumes of air up to 120,000 m³ / h.




We can adapt our exhaust installations to your needs. Tailor-made, modular and individual. Ask us!

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