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Trade fair survey

Hello and welcome to the survey of our trade fair appearance at EuroBLECH 2018!

Today we invite you to give us your feedback on our trade fair performance. Only with your help we can meet your expectations for an outstanding trade fair visit in the future.

trade fair survey
1. What were your motives to visit the EuroBLECH trade fair?
2. What expectations did you have of your visit to our stand?
3. How did you become aware of us/our stand?
4. Were your expectations generally met?
5. What was your first impression of our stand like?
6. What atmosphere did our stand create for you?
7. Are there trade fair stands that you liked better and if so, which ones?
8. Did our stand invite you to linger?
9. Was the design of the exhibition stand clear?
10. The company image was reflected in the stand design.
11. The staff at the stand was able to help me competently.
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