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ESTA extraction technology

Your specialist for industrial extraction systems

We have been developing efficient extraction systems for over 50 years and putting our efforts into providing work stations with clean air. Clean air not only protects your machines but also the health of your employees, creating the prerequisites for efficient, quality-oriented working.

Whether in extraction, dedusting, filtration or plant construction, ESTA is a leading player in many industries and offers tailor-made and application-specific extraction solutions. We not only meet the requirements of the day but also set new standards.


Worldwide service

We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with expert advice on the subject of extraction systems.


For any process

Tailor-made extraction systems


Sawing, separating & cutting


Welding & soldering
Machining and milling with ESTA


Machining & milling


Grinding & polishing
Decanting, emptying, mixing with ESTA


Decanting, emptying & mixing


Extraction and cleaning
Additional Processes with ESTA

Additional processes

Additional processes

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When sawing materials, harmful dusts and chips can be produced, and when handling solvents, toxic vapours and odours - the work processes are as varied as the resulting emissions. With modular extraction systems and a wide variety of filter systems, ESTA offers tailor-made and application-specific extraction systems for every process. Thanks to the optional IFA certification mark W3 or an ATEX-compliant extraction device design, even extraction of particularly hazardous substances is possible.

Extraction systems for industry

Whether in the metal industry, in mechanical engineering or in plastics processing - emissions accumulate in almost every sector. The wide range of ESTA industrial extraction systems offers the perfect extraction technology for your trade and industry:

We provide clean air

ESTA System Design

In the area of plant construction, we have become specialists in the design and implementation of tailor-made extraction installations and -systems. Thanks to the strong connection with our customers and solution-based way of working, we are able to develop tailor-made extraction systems for our customers.





We can adapt our exhaust installations to your needs. Tailor-made, modular and individual. Ask us!

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Global service

ESTA extraction technology has established itself as a specialist for extraction installations not only on the German market but it also has an active global network. We are happy to answer your questions and offer you competent advisory services, custom extraction solutions for your custom use case.


What marks us out

Highest quality

Our extraction devices and installations are manufactured and tested to the strictest quality controls at our company HQ in Senden (Bavaria) (TÜV, IFA, etc.).

50 years of competence

With more than 50 years of experience and over 125,000 installations and equipment worldwide, ESTA is your competent partner for clean air in the workplace.

360° Service

From consultancy, planning, production and assembly - we are always at your side providing comprehensive services.

ESTA as an extraction system manufacturer

Reliable extraction technology partner for industry

Since 1972, ESTA has stood for high-quality extraction systems that free manufacturing areas from dust, chips and welding fumes. In numerous sectors, such as the metal industry, the plastics industry and the automotive industry, ESTA accompanies all production processes that generate emissions. The industrial extractors ensure clean air at the workplace, which protects the health of employees and ensures compliance with workplace limits (OELV).

The company has a wide range of efficient extraction devices and fully supports its customers from consulting and planning through manufacturing to commissioning; ESTA also provides a comprehensive maintenance service. This ensures a long service life for industrial extraction systems

In addition, ESTA offers other services, such as the long-term availability of original spare parts with manufacturer's warranty, as well as hire and rental devices for systems engineering equipment. Filter cleaning, which is possible through the use of high-quality filter material, is one of our services.

From the company headquarters in Senden near Neu-Ulm (Bavaria), the extraction systems are distributed worldwide via our own branches and distribution partners.

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As a medium-sized family company, we are especially driven to provide an ideal working environment. We want our employees to feel good and progress.


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Philipp Raunitschke


„We don’t just want to satisfy our customers, we also want to enthuse them. Get them enthusiastic about our products, service, our employees and our entire company. We give our customers maximum operational safety and provide optimum protection from downtimes.“

ESTA Technology

Your extraction and filtration specialist

For over 50 years, ESTA has been developing solutions for the extraction of toxic fumes, particulates, and co2 in both large-scale manufacturing plant and small-scale company settings. Extraction technology is becoming increasingly important, as scientific studies prove that the emission of fumes and particles such as co2 is damaging to both worker health and the environment. ESTA continues to respond to market and industry demands for mobile, large- and small-scale extraction equipment.

ESTA is a leading player in the manufacture of flexible and adaptable filtration systems. We provide a wide range of extraction methods and continue to set industry standards, so that you can find the most suitable and up-to-date systems to meet your specific production and extraction needs.

Tailor-Made Extraction Technology

We offer both mobile and stationary systems that adapt well to any plant.

Regardless of which sector you are in, the extraction of harmful chemicals is fundamental to creating a healthy and productive workplace environment. In addition to dust extraction, our extraction processes result in clean air free of oil mist, fibres, chips, and other harmful microns. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor our extraction techniques to your specific workplace environment.

ESTA offers filter systems suitable for a wide range of industrial settings. If you use hazardous materials, for instance, our systems are specifically designed to meet W3 and ATEX standards. Controlling pressure is particularly important for manufacturing processes that require the use of hazardous materials. We offer technology that provides high-pressure extraction of dust and other hazardous molecules with low-pressure clean air output.

Industrial Extraction Systems

Whether you operate in plastics processing, mechanical engineering, or the metalwork sector, our mobile or stationary extractors are powerful, so that you can extract dust and other harmful chemicals from the air that you and your employees breathe. Compare our stationary, mobile, and modular extraction systems to find the system that is most suitable for your specific plant and individual needs.

We provide clean air

Exceed expectations for the removal of emissions: filtration systems by ESTA.

ESTA has responded to current manufacturing standards, which require extraction methods for molecules and compounds as small as co2 in addition to the dusts, fibres, and slivers produced in a wide range of machining processes. As well as specialising in extraction, we are experts in the design, implementation, and installation of standard and tailored systems. At ESTA, we know that environmental protection is a collaborative process that starts with fume and co2 extraction at your place of work.

ESTA: your extraction system manufacturer

Reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly — manufacturer guaranteed.

From our base in Senden (near Neu-Ulm, Bavaria) ESTA has been providing extraction solutions for mechanical and chemical by-product of like emissions and exhausts since 1972. We help you protect the environment and your workers’ health and support you throughout the design, implementation, and maintenance processes of your extraction system.


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