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Energy-efficient extraction technology


ESTA's extraction systems combine outstanding extraction and filtration performance with maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs. This is ensured by the new ESTA control system in combination with sophisticated sensor technology and the use of frequency converters.

Depending on the application, the extraction systems can be regulated as required. This is because not every application requires the full performance level of the fan at all times. This means that the filter systems offer full performance when it is needed and save energy when it is not required.


The filter system.

Special patent-pending pre-separator systems developed by ESTA* filter coarse particles and sparks thus minimising the load on the fine filters downstream. The result is a long service life for the fine filters and a high level of plant reliability.

Cleanable long life filters filter the residual fine dusts with a filtration efficiency of over 99.9% - for maximum air purity. The low filter load arising from the pre-separator system results in a long service life of the fine filter and low filter costs. 

Filter cleaning uses the innovative jet-pulse procedure which cleans the filters during operation and after switching off the device. This ensures a constant suction output with low consumption of compressed air. 

*depending on the device type

Effiziente Luftführung

The raw gas guide in the filter chamber guarantees an even attachment of the filter element and a low pressure loss. The low flow speed allows the filters to be cleaned during operation too.

A pure air guide with low pressure losses ensures low performance setbacks and low flow noise. Large-area air outlets allow air to be recirculated into the work room with low draughts.  

The vacuum unit.

Powerful fans with an above-average level of efficiency for maximum suction output.

Drive motors of efficiency class IE 3 are combined with frequency converters based on the current efficiency requirements. The output of the motors can be adapted to the particular requirement parameters thus always ranges within the optimal working range. 

ESTA Control System

The ESTA control system ensures energy-efficient operation of the unit. By measuring the current volume flow and the fully automatic adjustment of the extraction power to the respective operating parameters, there is an energy saving of up to 50% compared to a conventional differential pressure Control system.

The adjustable air volume flow also extends the filter service life, since the dust particles do not constantly impact the filter material at maximum speed, thus protecting the fabric.



  • Continuously variable regulation of extraction power
  • Intuitive operation thanks to convenient touch display
  • Display of the most important operating parameters (e.g. status, operating hours, maintenance)
  • Remote maintenance
  • Timer
  • Residual dust & filter breakage monitoring

Energy-efficient extraction systems

Filter tower FILTOWER


Plug & Play filter towers for the capture and filtration of dust, fumes and oil mist for clean air in the machine hall.



Energy-efficient wet separator ideal for welding fumes as well as metal dusts and work processes with flying sparks.

ESTA Schweißrauchfilter DUSTOMAT DRY


The compact welding fume filters of the DUSTOMAT DRY series are suitable for almost all applications due to their versatile configurations. Ideal for welding, soldering and lasering.

ESTA Dust extractor DUSTOMAT DRY


The compact dust extractors of the DUSTOMAT DRY series are suitable for almost all applications due to their versatile configurations. Extraction of dry and free-flowing dusts and chips.

Energy-efficient all-rounder: Can be used as a mobile dust extractor for dust and shavings or as a welding fume filter for welding fume.

Dustomat 4

Energy-efficient all-rounder: Can be used as a mobile dust extractor for dust and shavings or as a welding fume filter for welding fume.




In winter, companies increasingly focus on energy prices. They are well advised to optimise their energy costs and operate an extraction system with highly efficient filter technology in recirculating air mode.

Extraction systems in recirculating air mode extract the heated process air from the top of the appliance or via capture elements. The extracted air is passed through a filter system that removes particles, dust and fumes from the air. The cleaned, warm air is returned to the room via outlet grilles with minimal draughts. This helps maintain room temperature while ensuring high air quality.

In this way, companies benefit from up to 70 % heating cost savings compared to extraction systems in exhaust air mode.


Energy-efficient hall ventilation systems are equipped with a summer / winter changeover function. This gives users the opportunity to control whether and when the extraction system should be operated in recirculation or exhaust air mode.


Thanks to the high-grade filter material, the cleaned exhaust air from the ESTA extraction systems can usually be fed back directly into the work space. For applications for which no air recirculation or only partial air recirculation is permitted as a result of applicable guidelines, the air balance must be balanced out from outside. Heat recovery systems which are coupled with the extraction system ensure that a vast majority of the heat contained in the exhaust air is sent to the feed air. This significantly saves on energy costs. 

We use highly-efficient heat recovery components combined with an intelligent control system so ensure a high degree of energy efficiency.

Energy saving with a heat exchanger

The example calculation shows potential energy savings and amortisation duration for an ESTA extraction system with heat recovery. The data is based on a medium-sized firm with 2 shift system (260 working days at 4160 working hours per year).

The performance of the fan is 45 kW and the operating duration and power regulation is 80%. We assume a cost per Kilowatt hour (EEC support payable) of 0.11 Euros. 






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