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In the recycling and environmental technology area, the efficient use of raw materials and installations is the key to economic success. Dusts arise during the crushing, conveying and treatment of raw materials in the production and valuable material cycle which need to be extracted away. In the manufacture of solar modules and wind turbines, dusts arise in many production presses which must be extracted and filtered out.

ESTA’s extraction systems come into use here which have proven themselves time and time again in the recycling and environmental technology field through their multiple uses. They were built for the thorough cleaning of silicone dust and grinding dusts (e.g. GFRP, CFRP) and are also suitable for extracting dusts from crushing/shredding processes.


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Recycling Technologies Bavaria

Recycling Technologies of Bavaria is a group of numerous manufacturers of recycling technologies which appear together under an umbrella brand. Germany is a pioneer in the recycling area and in the development of efficient recycling procedures. In future, technologies will be beefed up for the maintenance and retreatment of raw materials and are used to a high technical standard. The current roll-call of 14 members have agreed on the common aim of bundling knowledge and experience in the recycling technology area and the market the resulting solutions nationally and internationally. This name stands for the highest quality “Made in Bavaria“.

Members have a broad range of plant technology from the areas of dry and wet mechanical and thermal treatment technology, wet fermentation and automatic sorting- and crushing technology. Close cooperation allows us to provide system solutions from a single source and develop new technologies.

ESTA has been a member of the “Recycling Technologies of Bavaria“ network since 2012. With its expertise in the extraction technology area, it makes a contribution to promoting recycling technologies and to achieve the stated aims of the network.


German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management e.V.

The German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management e.V. Is a leading umbrella organisation for the recycling and disposal industry in Germany and Europe. Since it was founded in 1949 it has been representing the interests of now 670 members.

ESTA has been a member of the German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management e.V. since 2014. Membership offers ESTA the ideal opportunity to exchange information and experience in the area of recycling technologies.




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