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Save the ocean

Our contribution to marine conservation

Moisture separators use water as a natural filtration medium, and ensure clean, healthy air to breathe at the workplace.

With the "Clean the Air - Save the Ocean" campaign, we have supported worldwide marine protection projects for every DUSTOMAT HYDRO series wet separator sold, with the aim of protecting our oceans against the effects of climate change. After all, the oceans are our most important source of oxygen.


Our oceans

Oceans as vital providers of oxygen

Every other breath that we take is obtained thanks to the oxygen produced by the planet’s seas. In total, they produce 70% of all of the oxygen that we breathe.* They influence our climate, they provide us with nutrients, raw materials and energy.  And they help to support trade worldwide. 

In total, the seas of our World cover three quarters of the Earth’s surface with water.

Reefs, seagrass beds and salt marshes, together with kelp forests, fulfil a crucial carbon-sink role, making our oceans the largest producers of oxygen worldwide.

Photosynthesis is promoted by phytoplankton (microalgae), as it is by trees and other green plants on the land side. In the process, they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) which is harmful to the climate, and they supply much of our life-supporting oxygen.

This unique ecosystem is experiencing increasing pressure from plastic waste, overfishing and climate change.

The sea is running out of air

The worldwide climate crisis is also affecting the seas. The rise in water temperature has the effect of reducing oxygen content. At the present time, there are approximately 700 “death zones” in the World’s seas. In these zones, life can no longer continue.**

Rising pollution from CO2 has the result of increasing the acid content of our oceans. This phenomenon damages the coral reefs – which are significant to our climate – with the further result of damage to many other organisms which are sensitive to temperature and to chemical factors.

How can we protect the seas?

Habitats, and the ranges of species which they contain, can be protected and preserved where marine conservation zones are set up. In the conservation zones, human operations such as fisheries or drilling for oil are prohibited or regulated. By this means, the seas are made more resistant to climate change. Under EU biodiversity strategy, 30% of the World’s seas are planned to be protected from human intervention.

Environmental protection organisations – concerned at how the official rules are currently applied – are insisting on effective management of protected zones. Around Germany, approximately 45% of the North Sea and of the Baltic Sea are protected zones. Nevertheless, fishing or the extraction of resources still continue in these regions.***

We’ve highlighted this problem area by virtue of our “Clean the air – save the ocean” campaign, demonstrating our commitment for effective protection of the seas.

For the environment

Environmental awareness

The wet separators of the DUSTOMAT HYDRO series are particularly resource-friendly due to their new design, economical water consumption and low filter wear.

You can find out what other measures ESTA is pursuing to protect the environment in our environmental policy.

By the way: As part of our "Clean the air - plant a tree" campaign, we have planted a company forest, which has since been actively supporting our oceans in the production of oxygen.



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