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New wet separator for use during grinding, brushing and polishing



The new wet separators of the DUSTOMAT HYDRO series are ideal for work processes with flying sparks, as well as for the extraction of highly flammable substances. Even welding fumes can be effectively separated with the DUSTOMAT HYDRO. Thanks to innovative water separation technology, the extracted materials are safely bound in water, in contrast to a usual dry process, and can be discharged via a drain cock. The extracted air then runs through a multi-stage filter system, which is configured according to the application. The highly effective HEPA H 14 filter (separation efficiency > 99.995 %) is particularly suitable for filtering hazardous dusts, which means that the cleaned air can then be returned to the room.

The compact wet filter units are suitable for single and multi-station extraction, for example for metallic dusts, especially in grinding, brushing and polishing processes as well as welding. The DUSTOMAT HYDRO wet separators are particularly quiet in operation and are available in four performance levels.

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Innovative water separation technology

The wet separators of the DUSTOMAT HYDRO series feature an innovative water separation technology: The system is based on a hydrocyclone system and makes sparks as well as inflammable dusts almost completely harmless already in the first filter stage with a separation efficiency of 98.7 %. Even the smallest particle fractions of ≥ 15 µm are safely bound in water vortex chambers. ESTA thus raises the quality of pre-separation to a new level. Users benefit from a significant effect: The filter media of the subsequent dry separation system are protected, resulting in longer service life and low follow-up costs.

In contrast to conventional wet separators, which often have a fixed multi-stage filter system, the DUSTOMAT HYDRO wet separators can be equipped with a dry filter package oriented to individual requirements with separation efficiencies of up to 99.995 %.

Application DUSTOMAT HYDRO-series

  • Single and multi-station extraction for industry and trade
  • Extraction of metallic dusts that produce flying sparks
  • Suitable for machining high-alloy and unalloyed steels as well as titanium and aluminium (DGUV 109-001)
  • Suitable for extracting explosive materials (ATEX-compliant)
  • As a central extraction unit with collecting pipe and several extraction points

  • Sawing, cutting, separating
  • Grinding, polishing
  • Machining, milling
  • Refilling, empyting, mixing
  • Welding
  • And much more

  • Metal dusts
  • Stainless steel dusts
  • Aluminium dusts
  • Titanium dusts
  • Metal chips
  • Welding fumes
  • And much more

Stationary setup

Fixed extraction systems which can be connected next to processing machines.

The ATEX mark of conformity.


For the extraction of explosive materials.

  • Strong extraction power combined with maximum efficiency
  • Safe solution for flying sparks
  • High separation efficiency thanks to multi-stage filtration
  • Compact design
  • Low-noise system operation
  • Economical energy and water consumption
  • Recirculation / exhaust air operation possible
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Low running costs

  • Available in four power levels
  • Innovative water separation technology (separation efficiency: 98.7 %)
  • Configurable filter system (up to 4 filter stages possible)
  • Optional HEPA H 14 filter (separation efficiency ≥ 99.995 %) for carcinogenic dusts
  • Fill level monitoring & automatic filling

  • ATEX-compliant design
  • Selectable filter media
  • Variable position of the intake manifold
  • Special paint finish

Downloads & data DUSTOMAT HYDRO-series

DUSTOMAT HYDRO 2300 3500 6000 10000
Max. volume flow
2,300 3,500 6,000 10,000
Max. negative pressure
2,500 3,400 3,950 4,800
Nominal power*
3.0 5.5 7.5 15
Connection diameter
180 224 280 400
Water connection
3⁄4 3⁄4 3⁄4 3⁄4
Dimensions (L/B/H)
ca. 850 x 1.100 x 2,580 ca. 850 x 1.100 x 2,580 1,350 x 1,550 x 3,400 1,350 x 1,550 x 3,400
Sound pressure level
70 72 73.4 80,5

*Mains voltage/Mains frequency: 400V/50Hz

DUSTOMAT HYDRO 2300 3500 6000 10000
Standard design X45900 X45900 Y45901 Y45901



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Accessories NA-K series

Extraction arms

For capturing welding- and soldering fume, gases, vapour and dusts. Connection to extraction system or fan possible.

Extraction hoses

Conveyor connection for solid, liquid and gaseous media. Flexible, vibration-absorbent and noise-damping.

Pipe system

For connecting multiple suction points to a central extraction unit. Extensive range of sturdy, high-quality finish spiral seam pipe parts.

Extraction hood

Optimal capture directly at origin. Flanged, square or modular system extraction hoods are available depending on the application.

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