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It all begins with a lucky coincidence: At the end of the 1960s, Kulitz takes care of the liquidation of the engineering office of a deceased friend. In the warehouse he comes across 300 angle drill heads and a package of old brochures. In order to sell the remaining stock, Kulitz has the brochures sent to customers. As a result, orders are received for a small electric dust extractor that no one knows about. A callback to the customers reveals that a small picture next to the description on the back of the brochure triggered the orders.

Kulitz recognises the need on the market and has the extraction equipment produced without further ado. As more and more orders came in, he founded an independent company in 1972 in his office of approx. 16 sqm in his private flat, focusing on "extraction technology for industry and commerce".

The extraction equipment which indirectly led to the founding of the company in the early 1970s is still part of the product range. In further developed form, they still prove their worth today as the ESTA 70 and 100 small dust extractors.


The company moves to the Senden industrial zone and is now able to take on the production itself with its own know-how and ideal premise capabilities.



The manufacture of stationary exhaust systems.

In the 80s, ESTA added welding fume filters, mobile and stationary dust extractors, extraction arms and industrial suction units to its range of products.

This development is very important for ESTA as, along side the production of mobile and series-tested mini dust collectors, large stationary extraction systems are increasingly being manufactured and installed and made ready for operation in Germany and abroad.


In 1986, ESTA starts the internationalisation of the firm to suit the American market.

A successful sales branch is still in operation in Charlotte.

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The internationalization of ESTA.


At the end of the decade, the market for extraction devices has featured the launch of strict legal requirements the monitoring of which is done by the German employers’ liability insurance assurance and factory inspectorates.
Development and design/construction must now be coordinated to the new guidelines.


After the death of the firm founder Günter Kulitz his son Dr. Peter Kulitz took over the position as CEO in 1997 as the second generation of Kulitz’.

In the same year, ESTA got their first certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


The new sales and assembly centre was baptised.

Its regenerative building technology is awarded the “German solar prize 2007”. For its unique architecture, ESTA is given the “German steel construction prize 2008”.


The ESTA ACADEMY is founded. The internal training equipment features a flexible module system. The training content can be tailor-made to the needs of employees, customers and partners.


The new high-shelf storage system rounds off the extension of the company premises. 

ESTA is currently represented in over 30 countries and is known for its reliable extraction technology.

2010 - 2012

ESTA receives the MAX Award as the best training company.

With the MAX Award as best training company in 2010, the district of Neu-Ulm recognizes ESTA's commitment to training. In the same year, the family-owned company is awarded the honorary prize for prevention in health and safety by the "Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warendistribution (BGHW)".

The next award is not long in coming: ESTA is honored as the best training company in the category "Industry, Trade, Service" with the "Training Ace 2012". The nationally renowned competition is initiated annually by the Junior Chamber of Commerce Germany and the Junior Chamber of Skilled Crafts.



Accessories to do with air and cleanliness in the workplace can now be ordered simply and quickly from our Online Shop. 

In the same year, ESTA made energy efficiency in installation and machine construction a company strategy lending support to the “Blue Competence” sustainability initiative of the Association of German Machine and Installation Constructors (VDMA).


ESTA joins the Fair Company initiative.


ESTA is taking part in the Fair Company initiative. The quality mark issued by the “Karriere” finance magazine is awarded to companies who work with trainees in a fairly paying them a fair wage in compliance with Fair Company rules.


The new mobile DUSTOMAT 4 dust extractors exhibit a considerable increase in suction power with the same level of energy efficiency. Thanks to its innovative housing construction, this means a better extraction result with low current and compressed air consumption. This equipment is suitable for almost any industry and effectively extract dusts and shavings arising from the processing of metal, plastic or wood, for example. The long life filter cartridges are cleanable offering a long service life. 

The DUSTOMAT 4 mobile dust extractor.


The new Plug & Play-room ventilation systems FILTOWER for supplementing local extraction systems is celebrating its market launch. These new powerful filter towers cover three use cases at the same time: Welding fume, fine dust and oil mist.



The managing directors Phillip Raunitschke and Dr. Peter Kulitz.

ESTA began 2016 with a new head. Philipp Raunitschke was appointed as an additional Managing Director. The business administration graduate manages the company from this point on together with Managing Partner Dr. Peter Kulitz.



ESTA receives the 2017 award "100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg" for the FILTOWER 4.0 hall ventilation system, which offers intelligent network functions, remote monitoring and high energy efficiency in one.

ESTA receives the award "100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg".
The new filter tower with Industry 4.0 functionalities.

Philipp Raunitschke's main task is the digitalization of extraction technology. In the same year, ESTA presented a new filter tower variant with Industry 4.0 functionalities. Users are thus able to link the hall ventilation system to their individual network infrastructure. Via the Internet, they can thus retrieve and monitor the most important operating parameters.

Corporate social responsibility is also a top priority at ESTA. At the beginning of 2017, ESTA was awarded the German government's Corporate Social Responsibility Prize for the integration of refugees into the company.

ESTA receives the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.


The new dry dust extractors of the ESTMAC D series are suitable as a low-cost and compact extraction solution for the lower to medium performance segment. The stationary dust extractors can be connected directly to saws, sanding stands or extraction tables for single or multi-station extraction and can also be combined with an extraction arm for point dust collection. The units extract free-flowing and dry dusts and offer a wide range of applications for many industries.




The ESTA company forest is being created as part of a trainee project. It is located near Ulm-Erbach and covers an area of one hectare. With the reforestation project, the company is setting an example for climate protection. 


Shortly after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, ESTA bundles its expertise in extraction and filtration technology to offer a cross-sector solution for infection control. With success: the VirBox mobile air purifier is in demand, especially by schools and daycare centers, thanks to government support programs.

In the catering, cultural, leisure and sports sectors, as well as in public administrations, ESTA is opening up further target groups in the air purifier market.

Thanks to the integrated high-performance filter, the air purifier effectively reduces the virus load and thus the risk of infection in closed rooms. The VirBox is also used in many places in company meeting rooms and increases the sense of security of employees, guests and customers.


The family-owned company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Just in time for the anniversary, ESTA is presenting exciting product innovations at EuroBlech in Hanover.

The course for the future has been set: ESTA continues its growth course and expands the site in Senden with new warehouse and logistics space.

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