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Environmental policy

"The common good is decisive in holding society together. This is something for which we are all responsible."

ESTA management takes this view and has made sustainable management its primary task.

As a premium brand in the field of extraction technology, we aim to manufacture and offer products of the best quality giving equal consideration to economy, safety, social justice and environmental protection.

Our commitment to sustainable and careful use of resources permeates all operational actions, be it in procurement, the manufacturing process, as well as in marketing and sales activities. Protecting and caring for our employees is as relevant as climate and environmental protection as an obligation towards society. We therefore act in accordance with applicable laws and follow international standards. This consequently includes our continuous efforts to minimise possible negative effects of our business activities and products on the safety, the environment and the health of our employees, partners and the general public. In everything we do, we endeavour to improve the protection of our environment and avoid any hazards to employees, both at our company and with our customers' operations.

Our ten environmental guidelines

1. Environmental protection is a cornerstone of our entrepreneurial activities

Environmental protection affects all corporate areas and, as a criterion to be considered at all times, influences all company’s measures and actions.

2. Environmental awareness of our employees and partners

We promote environmental awareness, safety and health as well as personal initiative and qualifications among employees at all levels, and motivate them to show personal commitment to environmental protection, both professionally and privately. Furthermore, we strive to awaken and strengthen the environmental awareness of our customers and suppliers.

3. Responsible use of resources

We regard it as a fundamental duty towards the environment and the surrounding area to use natural resources sparingly, to avoid or reduce waste and to dispose of it properly.

4. Environment-friendly product design

We promote resource efficiency through continuous investment in the development of resource-saving products and pay attention to environment-friendly processes when designing and building our systems.

5. Reduction of existing environmental impacts

We strive to minimise environmental pollution connected to air emissions, waste, fresh water, soil and raw material consumption and adopt suitable measures to improve biodiversity. It is also our goal to continuously reduce the CO2 footprint and thus protect the climate.

6. Continuous improvements

We aim to meet the requirements of interested parties in an ecologically and socially responsible manner, and to achieve a company-wide continuous improvement in environmental performance.

7. Support

We provide the human and financial resources necessary to maintain the environmental management system and ensure that managers and employees receive effective support in achieving our environmental goals.

8. Binding obligations

Compliance with applicable laws and obligations is a matter of course for ESTA. Legally and ethically correct behaviour by all employees is an essential part of our corporate activities.

9. Regular self-monitoring

We regularly check the application of and compliance with our environmental policy as to identify progress and weaknesses in our environmental management system and to initiate the necessary corrective measures.

10. Transparency

We hold open communication with associations, authorities and the interested public. To this end, we provide reasonable information on the environmental protection practiced at our company. Last but not least, we aim to use our marketing specifically to promote awareness of concrete environmental protection and to set an example of climate-improving behaviour and present this appropriately.

Environmental policy, environmental guidelines and environmental objectives are the guiding principles of our environmental management and apply throughout the company in its day-to-day business.



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