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For clean and healthy indoor air - even in times of COVID-19

Air purifier

To improve the indoor air quality in poorly ventilated rooms

Room air purifiers are the ideal solution when it is difficult or impossible to ventilate rooms, for example for structural reasons. Thanks to their sophisticated fan-filter combination, ESTA air purifiers ensure constant cleaning and movement of the room air, which also plays an important role in the fight against the corona virus. The compact devices effectively filter pollutants such as dust, welding fumes, aerosols, viruses or bacteria from the air. ESTA room air purifiers, such as the VirBox®, have a separation efficiency of up to 99.995 percent.

Product Overview Air purifiers

The VirBox® is an efficient room air purifier in times of COVID-19. Thanks to the highly effective HEPA 14 filter, the mobile air purifier effectively filters up to 99.995 percent of the viruses bound in aerosols from the air. The air purifier thus significantly reduces the concentration of airborne viruses in the ambient air and can effectively supplement existing protective measures, such as wearing a face mask, maintaining the minimum distance and regular ventilation of rooms.

As a supplementary room ventilation system, the TowerBox noticeably filters airborne dust and welding fumes from the air. Due to its compact design, the mobile filter device is particularly suitable for use in smaller work areas. The EC fan integrated in the air cleaner guarantees particularly efficient and quiet system operation.


Room air cleaner against viruses & bacteria.

hall ventilation system


Supplementary room ventilation system for smaller production areas.


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