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Maintenance service

Already thinking about tomorrow today.

By purchasing an extraction system, you have made a decision in favour of pure air and a healthy work environment.

To make sure this is ensured over the long term, we would like to offer you the ESTA maintenance service. Our service technicians check and maintain your extraction units and installations and their components directly on-site - even if they are non-ESTA products. 

This means you have continuous operational capability and frictionless production flow whilst also meeting legal provisions.

Annual maintenance obligation

The Machinery Directive (DIN EN 60204-1) proscribes a minimum of a one year maintenance contract for extraction devices which are operated in ATEX zones , which are equipped with explosion or fire protection equipment  or bear the quality mark of an approved testing body. Maintenance must be be carried out by qualified maintenance personnel.

Our service fitters perform this maintenance work reliably.


  • Your extraction system is checked by experience ESTA service technicians with the best training
  • Assure the functionality and efficiency of your extraction systems & -even many years after first commissioning
  • Minimise the risk of a production stoppage
  • Reduce the risk of costly repairs

  • Maintain the value of your installation
  • Comply with legal provisions
  • Detailed maintenance documentation for providing evidence about compliance with legal requirements
  • Short response times
  • Free up time for your internal service workers


Randy Koch, Head of production

Randy Koch, Head of production

KWD Automobiltechnik GmbH

„We have been using ESTA extraction systems for many years at our plants. These systems run in multi-shift mode and reliably extract fume gases from our welding systems. The extraction systems must always be adapted to the production line due to the processes involved. This was easy to do and was always done quickly.“

Lothar Lehnbaur, Works manager

Lothar Lehnbaur, Works manager

Kettlitz-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG

„In our production facility, we have equipped a number of work processes with ESTA extraction technology. From industrial extractors to mini dust collectors to large dust removal systems - all devices and plants have been in use for many years and work perfectly. The large range of products including accessories and spare parts and decades of experience in all issues to do with extraction make ESTA an indispensable partner in this area as far as we are concerned.“

Thomas Traub, Facility Services Electrics

Thomas Traub, Facility Services Electrics

Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH

„I have only had good experience with the ESTA Service team. A call is usually enough and employees were able to provide me with some basic tips and instructions over the phone. Service employees regularly come to our company to maintain the machines. In this way we assure the long-term operation of the system.“


Enjoy the benefits of our extensive range of services with an ESTA maintenance agreement - so you can concentrate fully on your production and keep your maintenance costs in check!

Your service benefits

  • Services supplied at a fixed price – irrespective of work and time effort
  • Prioritised deadlines
  • Reminder service for compliance with custom maintenance intervals



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