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For more than 50 years, ESTA has been the leading firm in the area of extraction and filter technology. With its headquarters in Senden and Ulm, we offer a broad range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions for industry ad skilled trades - for various industries and areas of application.

We can use our decades of experience and expertise to offer our OEM partners the best products industry-wide and allow them to benefit from satisfied customers.


Our services

  • Equipment with customer-specific paint finish and labelling
  • Personal consultancy and technical advisory services by trained personnel
  • Support for sales teams across the entire market-launch of an OEM product to the target market
  • Joint product developments
  • Product training at the ESTA Academy
  • Marketing support for online and offline media
  • Country-specific solutions
  • Diverse custom solutions (e.g. Attachment possibilities)
  • Reliable and quick spare parts provision

Example uses

Diverse use cases in practice

We have brought together some examples from individual industries here to give you an insight into various use cases with custom models.

Extraction arm in customer-specific paint finish
Industry: Plastic

OEM model of modular dust extractor DUSTMAC
Industry: Recycling

OEM model of DUSTOMAT-160 S

Industry: Textile

DUSTOMAT-10 customer-specific model
Industry: Surface cleaning

DUSTOMAT S in customer livery

Industry: Glass industry

DUSTOMAT S in customer livery

Industry: Metalworking industry

SRF K-15 welding fume filter with two extraction arms
Industry: Metalworking industry

Hydraulic radial blower RG 100

Industry: Automotive

DUSTOMAT S 25 in custom livery

Industry: Flocking industry


Industry: Stone industry

DUSTOMAT S in customer livery

Industry: Print industry

DUSTOMAT-16 M in stainless steel model
Industry: Food/pharmaceuticals



We can adapt our exhaust installations to your needs. Tailor-made, modular and individual. Ask us!

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