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Room- and hall ventilation system without pipelines for high flexibility in the work space.

The plug & play installations for the FILTOWER series are used when a local capture of fumes, dust and oil mist is not sufficient, or direct capture is impractical when working on large or complex work parts. The layered ventilation system recommended by the German employers’ liability insurance assurance enables you to save up to 70% on heating costs per year with the FILTOWER filter tower. The filter towers of the new generation feature highly efficient EC fans for controllable and thus energy-saving plant operation.


Application FILTOWER

  • Supplemental solution for compliance with dust limits where local capture is not alone sufficient

  • To provide support for direct extraction

  • For improving room air quality

  • For welding processes for which local capture is not practical

  • Welding, soldering

  • Grinding, polishing

  • Machining, milling

  • Welding and soldering fumes

  • Fine dusts

  • Plastic dusts

  • Chemical dusts

  • Bulk material applications

  • Aerosols

  • Oil and emulsion mist

  • Vapours

Stationary setup

Hall ventilation systems do not need pipelines and can be connected directly to the production halls. 

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning cleans the filter cartridges individually automatically during and after suction.

W3 mark of conformity

W3 Mark of conformity

For extraction of welding fumes with high alloy steels.

dust class M

Dust class M

Suitable for the extraction of harmful dusts.

  • Improving air quality for all employees in production halls

  • Support with compliance with legally-required dust limits

  • Plug & Play filter tower: Install, connect to mains, compressed air supply – you are done

  • Extraction capacity can be adjusted as required or fully automatically via ESTA EasyControl control system

  • Highly efficient EC motor technology ensures controllable & energy-saving plant operation

  • Powerful, low-noise extraction

  • No pipeline installations needed

  • Flexible uses, easy to move with forklift or crane

  • Low operating costs thanks to cleanable long life filter cartridges

  • Up to 70% savings on heating costs through recirculation mode

  • Simple and intuitive system operation via generous display

  • ESTA Quick-Change filter replacement system - quick & dust-free

  • Continuous filter cartridges with nanofibres (separation performance 99.9%)

  • Innovative pre-separator system*

  • Low-impulse air outlet via lateral vents

  • Low-dust-free disposal of separated harmful substances


  • IFA W3 test certificate for extraction for welding high-alloyed steels

  • Active carbon filter inserts for filtering gases and odours

  • Custom paint finish


The filter towers from the eco+ series bring together exceptional extraction and filter performance with a highest level of efficiency and minimum operating costs. This is achieved by the new ESTA EasyControl control unit in combination with sophisticated sensor systems and the use of frequency converters.

  • ESTA EasyControl control unit

  • Frequency converter for fan motors

  • Programmable timer switch

  • Dust sensors in the raw gas and pure air region for controlling output and monitoring residual dust and filter book

  • Fill level measurement in the collection tank

  • Eco+ version saves up to 50 % electricity compared to conventional differential pressure controls

Intelligently networked, energy-saving at the same time: Users can connect the filter tower to their network. Measurement and operating data can be processed easily and quickly in digital form. As well as the ESTA EasyControl control unit frequency converters ensure efficient operation.

  • Prepared for customer connection  to the company's own network infrastructure 

  • Recording of all operating parameters

  • All eco+ functions inclusive

  • Optional: operating data can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere

  • Optional: Monitoring of operating data for low risk of failure

  • Optional: Customer-specific remote maintenance to reduce service and maintenance costs

The ecotemp series filter towers not only provide exceptional extraction and filtration performance for a cosy room climate in the immediate work area. 


  • Cooling or heating is possible via two fin-based heat exchangers

  • Continuous temperature control

  • Supports existing air-conditioning and heating technology for additional energy-saving effects

  • Environmentally-friendly (water volume: 4 m³/h / connection: 1 inches)

  • Low maintenance expense through installation on pure gas side

  • EC technology for efficient, powerful and quiet plant operation

  • Drain cocks for condensates

  • Stainless steel drop trough 

  • Low pressure loss through large exchanger surface

The FILTOWER for your usage

Filtower F

The FILTOWER F (Fume) hall ventilation system is suitable for extracting welding and soldering fumes.


The FILTOWER D (Dust) is suitable for the extraction of almost all types of dust.

Filtower L

The FILTOWER L (Liquids) hall ventilation system effectively filters oil and emulsion mist from the hall air.

Downloads & data FILTOWER

Filtower filter tower 50 ecolight 100 160 200
Max. air volume current
5.600 12.000 17.000 22.000
Max. negative pressure
3.300 2.000 2.000 2.000
Intake voltage
400 400 400 400
Drive power
4.0 2 x 3.7 4 x 3.7 4 x 3.7
Filter surface
56 90 157,5 225
Filter elements
4 9 9 9
Dust collection drawer
100-150 160 160 160
Dimensions (L/B/H)
2.180 x 3.000 x 2.400 1.790 x 2.090 x 3.020 1.790 x 2.090 x 3.420 1.790 x 2.090 x 3.820
445 1.200 1.350 1.440
Sound emission
78 63 66 72


FILTOWER F 50 100 160 200
Standard design - 790100 790160 790200
With test certificate W3 - 799100 799160 799200
eco+ - 791100 791160 791200
4.0 - 792100 792160 792200
FILTOWER F ecotemp 100 160 200
Standard design - 790160001 790200001
With test certificate W3 799100001 799160001 799200001
eco+ 791100001 791160001 791200001
4.0 792100001 792160001 792200001
FILTOWER D 100 160 200
Standard design 796100 796160 796200
eco+ 797100 797160 797200
4.0 798100 798160 798200
FILTOWER D ecotemp 100 160 200
Standard design 796100001 796160001 796200001
eco+ 797100001 797160001 797200001
4.0 798100001 798160001 798200001
FILTOWER L 100 160 200
Standard design 793100 793160 793200
eco+ - 794160 794200
4.0 795100 795160 795200
FILTOWER L ecotemp 100 160 200
Standard design 793100001 793160001 793200001
eco+ 794100001 794160001 794200001
4.0 795100001 795160001 795200001



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IFA-certified central extraction system for welding fume category W3.

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Filter towers deliver a clean environment

A clean environment, environmentally friendly or ecological are just some of the buzzwords in our everyday lives, but that is no surprise when we see the results of pollutants in our world, such as, for example, smog. Smog is severe air pollution and it is on the rise in many cities across the globe. In order to remedy the situation, giant filter towers to suck up air pollution have even been proposed which are hoped can help us move towards a smog-free atmosphere. But what can be done in the workplace to provide clean air and a safe and comfortable environment?

ESTA FILTOWER filter tower series – a recommended and proven solution

The FILTOWER filter tower series is a range of room and hall ventilation systems which are designed with a clean and safe working environment in mind. The filter tower can capture many forms of dust, smoke as well as oil mist. It is ideal for welding, soldering, grinding, polishing, machining and milling processes. The plug & play system requires no pipelines, just connection to the mains in the production hall, compressed air and that`s all. The filter towers are ideal when an existing air purifier is insufficient, or the size and form of the workpieces make direct capture impossible. It comes recommended by the German employers’ liability insurance association because it employs the layer ventilation principle. The polluted warm air is sucked up, it passes through a filtration process and then the clean air is then blown back into the hall or room at floor level to recirculate. This can result in up to a 70% saving on heating costs per year.

FILTOWER – Low-noise, easy handling and maintenance

The filter tower FILTOWER is low-noise. It can be easily moved around and positioned with the use of a forklift or crane. Its Jet-Pulse filter cleaning device cleans the filter cartridges individually and automatically during and after suction, resulting in a longer filter cartridgelifetime. It also features highly efficient EC fans for controllable and therefore energy-saving plant operation.

ECO variants for increased efficiency

The filter tower FILTOWER is also available in several variants, including Ecolight, Eco+ or Ecotemp, providing energy efficiency and optimising operating costs. Model 4.0. also has a LAN or WIFI connection so as to evaluate measurement data rapidly in digital format. If an existing air purifier is not capable of extracting contaminants during manufacturing processes and providing premium air quality, then the workforce and production output can suffer. An ESTA FILTOWER filter tower is a step in the right direction towards a smog-free environment.  



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