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Welding fume extraction
For capture and filtration of smoke filled air



Harmful fumes are produced during welding - these fumes are captured and filtered effectively by a welding fume filter. Fumes are captured directly by an extraction arm or
hood. The filtered air is fed back into the work room or redirected to the outside via a pipeline.
For extraction of welding fumes, ESTA offers mobile, portable and stationary extraction solutions – depending on the application. For welding fume extraction, ESTA welding fume filters are optionally available with IFA certificates W2 and W3.



Special guidelines apply especially when welding stainless steel: Depending on the level of chrome/nickel content in the stainless steel, welding fume filters may or may not be needed with IFA inspection certificate W3. This only applies when driving with recirculated air. Welding fume filters with various filter media and filter cleaning systems are available for special applications. This makes them usable in many areas.


The compact welding fume filters of the DUSTOMAT DRY series are suitable for almost all applications due to their versatile configurations. The welding fume filters of the DUSTOMAT DRY series have an even higher energy efficiency compared to their predecessors thanks to ventilation optimisation. In addition, the innovative filter cleaning system reduces compressed air consumption by up to 50 percent.

The new wet separators of the DUSTOMAT HYDRO series are ideal for work processes with flying sparks, as well as for the extraction of highly flammable substances. Even welding fumes can be effectively separated with the DUSTOMAT HYDRO.

The mobile welding fume filter DUSTOMAT 4 is especially recommended for frequently changing extraction points. Due to its compact design, it is very smooth and flexible.

ESTA offers the stationary welding fume filter series MOBEX F for optimum smoke capture from up to four extraction sites or small welding cabs. The “entry level models“ in the stationary area are suitable for air volumes of up to 4,500 m³/h.

For the mobile welding fume extraction at one or more work stations, the SRF K series is suitable. Thanks to its compact design, the mobile welding fume filter can easily be moved to the particular place of use. For fume capture, ESTA extraction arms with a specially-developed extraction are put to use.

The TableBox Air is a mobile downdraft table for capturing and filtering welding fumes. Thanks to its compact and mobile design, the extraction table can be used flexibly in production. The TableBox Air has an integrated EC-motor and is particularly efficient and quiet in operation. 

The systems of the DUSTMAC F series are modular in structure and can therefore be combined as welding fume filter systems for any volume of air that is needed.

The SRF T devices are compact, portable welding fume filters which are able to extract the welding fumes directly at the place of origin (for example, at welding torches). 

The stationary welding fume filter systems WELDEX FE are used from air volumes of 5,000 m³/h and above and are suitable for multiple extraction sites, as well as for connecting to capture hoods or large welding cabs. 

As a supplement to direct extraction, the free-standing Plug & Play hall ventilation system FILTOWER-F is ideal for capturing welding fumes etc in production halls without the use of pipelines.

ESTA Schweißrauchfilter DUSTOMAT DRY


The compact welding fume filters of the DUSTOMAT DRY series are suitable for almost all applications due to their versatile configurations. Ideal for welding, soldering and lasering.



Energy-efficient wet separator ideal for welding fumes as well as metal dusts and work processes with flying sparks.

Energy-efficient all-rounder: Can be used as a mobile dust extractor for dust and shavings or as a welding fume filter for welding fume.

Dustomat 4

Energy-efficient all-rounder: Can be used as a mobile dust extractor for dust and shavings or as a welding fume filter for welding fume.

Mobile welding fume filter SRF K series

SRF K series

Mobile welding fume filters for large fume volumes at up to two work stations.

Modular central extraction system for almost any location and industry.

DUSTMAC series

Modular central extraction system for almost any location and industry.

IFA-certified central extraction system for welding fume category W3.


IFA-certified central extraction system for welding fume category W3.

Mobile, welding fume extraction for alternating welding work stations.

SRF T series

Mobile, welding fume extraction for alternating welding work stations.

Modular welding fume filter system for large volumes of air up to 120,000 m³ / h.


Modular welding fume filter system for large volumes of air up to 120,000 m³ / h.

Filter tower FILTOWER


Plug & Play filter towers for the capture and filtration of dust, fumes and oil mist for clean air in the machine hall.

Downdraft table TableBox Air by ESTA

TableBox® Air

For collection of welding fumes and dust.



  • Welding fume extraction in uninterrupted operation and occasional use
  • Compact design means smaller space requirement
  • Low operating costs through the use of cleanable permanent filter cartridges
  • Easy to remove and dispose of gathered material

  • Extraction arms
  • Pipe pre-separator
  • Hood/nozzles

Quality filters pay off

At ESTA, we focus on durability. In contrast to conventional extraction units, our welding fume filters have cleanable permanent filter cartridges with maximum filter life and only infrequent filter changes.



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Welding fume filtration

In conclusion, the extraction of welding fumes play a critical role in ensuring the safety and health of workers in welding environments. Welding fumes extraction systems are vital in combatting the harmful effects of these fumes, as they effectively remove and filter the hazardous particles generated during the welding process.

The importance of welding fume extraction cannot be overstated, as exposure to these fumes can lead to serious health issues such as respiratory problems, lung diseases, and even cancer. By implementing proper welding fumes extraction systems, employers can protect their workforce from such risks, ultimately creating a healthier and safer work environment.

One of the key advantages of welding fumes extraction systems is their ability to capture and extract fumes at the source, preventing them from spreading and contaminating the surrounding air. This not only protects the welder, but also those working in the vicinity, reducing the overall exposure to harmful fumes.

Moreover, welding fumes extraction systems help to maintain compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, ensuring that companies meet the necessary standards to protect their employees. By investing in high-quality extraction systems, employers demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their workforce and their dedication to creating a safe working environment.

In conclusion, welding fumes extraction systems are essential for the welfare of workers in welding industries. Through their efficient and effective removal of hazardous particles, these systems safeguard the health and safety of individuals exposed to welding fumes. It is crucial for employers to prioritize the implementation of welding fumes extraction systems, using them as a preventative measure to mitigate the risks associated with prolonged exposure to welding fumes.


Find the ideal solution for your workspace

The fumes that are produced while welding are harmful to both the environment and your employees. Therefor it is important to install a welding fume extraction in your workspace. Fitting a new extraction unit into your existing workspace can be challenging. This is why we have developed numerous different filtration systems. Consider which model is most suitable to your workplace:

  • Do you require a mobile welding fume filter?
  • Should your fume eliminator be portable?
  • Or would a stationary ventilation device with movable arms serve you best?

Each of our machines filter particulates—including fumes, exhaust, and smoke—produced during welding in order to re-emit clean air into the work area.

ESTA welding fume filters are available with IFA certificates W2 and W3. Explore our wide range of ventilation tools and media to buy the system that best suits your workspace and budget.

Tested Quality

Filtration efficiency. Choose the best.

ESTA extractors and fume filters are available at a variety of certification levels. For instance, not everyone needs IFA inspection certificate W3, which is required when driving with re-circulated air. Browse our range of weld fume extractors to find the most suitable certificate level, filter media, and flexibility for your work space.

Product Overview: Welding Fume Filters

ESTA ventilation systems are built to suit the requirements of numerous different welding workspaces. Our stationary and mobile extraction units provide a range of intake volumes and suction powers and are available in module extractor format or with multiple intake arms. Compare our diverse products to find the filtration unit that best fits your workspace:

Mobility welding fume filter

ESTA offers many mobile welding fume filter solutions. Devices such as the DUSTOMAT 4 and SRF T are portable fume eliminators and can be relocated for optimum efficiency. Browse our product specifications.

Stability welding fume filter

For stable, but growing or changing welding workshops, choose from our stationary extraction machines such as the MOBEX F or DUSTMAC F series, which extract fumes, mist, and exhaust from the air via multiple entry sites, arms, or modular components. If you require high-volume extractor systems, compare models available in the WELDEX FE and the FILTOWER-F range.

ESTA Filtration Systems: The Benefits

Achieve lower operating costs through

  • High exhaust filtration efficiency during both uninterrupted and occasional use
  • Easily accessible permanent filter cartridges

Flexibility and accessibility

  • Compact designs allow for space and power efficiency
  • Each collector is easy to remove and clean
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