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Central car vacuum cleaner

CCCS 2.0

Central vacuum cleaning system for car washes, petrol stations and car dealerships.

Take advantage of our simple, cost-effective car interior cleaning system CCCS 2.0 and provide your customers with an extensive cleaning experience. This compact, weather-proof suction unit is suitable for outdoors, sparing you the need for an extra machine room which would normally be required. Easy control and transparent maintenance effort are additional bonuses. The unit is also designed in such a way that almost no maintenance effort is needed which thus keeps maintenance costs down to a minimum. The advantages are obvious and make the central vehicle vacuum cleaner CCCS from ESTA the ideal supplement for every car wash, filling station and wash park - whether new or as a replacement for previous (self-service) individual extraction systems.

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Gallery Central Car Cleaning System

Application Central Car Cleaning System

  • Reliable, failure-proof central car vacuum cleaner
  • Simple dust discharge 
  • Full suction force at all times
  • No extra machine room needed
  • Minimum installation effort
  • Low current consumption
  • Low maintenance effort

  • Weather-proof, sound-dampened housing
  • Two-stage filter system with integrated cyclonic pre-separator and cartridge filters of dust class M
  • Long filter lives
  • Three-part, washable cartridge filter
  • Failure-proof pinch valves (for coin checker)
  • High energy-efficiency

  • Coin housing- for tokens or coins
  • Pinch valve with pneumatic control for coin operation
  • Steel pipelines
  • Suction hose with nozzle
  • Suction boom

Downloads & data Central Car Cleaning System

CCCS 2.0 8.5 12.5 15.0
Max. air volume flow
700 1,000 1,950
Intake diameter
160 160 160
Max. negative pressure
19,000 18,000 13,000
Intake voltage
400 400 400
Drive power
8.5 12.5 15.0
Max. number of suction points
Ø 38 mm
8 12 15
Filter surface
16 16 16
Dust collection container
200 200 200
Dimensions (L/B/H)
1,120x2,300x2,450 1,120x2.300x2,450 1,120x2,300x2,450
840 900 950
Sound pressure level
70 70 70
CCCS 2.0 8.5 12.5 15.0
Standard design 87500 87600 87700
Coin checker 86500002 86600002 86700002

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Accessories Central Car Cleaning System

Steel pipe

For connecting multiple suction points to a central high-vacuum extraction system.

Vacuum cleaner accessories

Flexible uses for a range of applications. Nozzles, guide pipes, and suction hoses & other accessory parts.

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