The DC version is designed for continuous use with machines.

The DUROSOG-I-D series stands out for its special filter technology for extracting dry dust, coarse grindings, sticky dust, shavings and materials that tend to clump. In this 2-stage process, a pre-separator catches the coarse dirt, while the fine dust ends up in the disposable filter. The DUROSOG-I-D (DC version) is designed for continuous operation and can easily be moved on smooth-rolling castors.

Your Benefits

  • With the use of special filtration technology this model is suitable for sticky dust and material that tends to clump
  • Convenient dust disposal in a paper filter bag
  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • High mobility by smooth turning castors

Special Features

  • For continuous operation (DC version)
  • Integrated pre-separator for rough dirt
  • Disposable paper filter bag

At a Glance

Mobile installation

Mobile installation

Mobile dust extractors can be installed for single-location or central extraction in production halls.


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Application Range

  • DC version for continuous operation
  • For dry, sticky dusts and materials that tend to clump
  • For cleaning processing machines
  • For general cleaning work (such as shop floors)
  • Uses for many industries (such as wood and metals)

Ideal for

  • Chemical dust
  • Metal chips
  • Paper dust
  • Tabacco fibres

All types of dust at a glance

Tested Quality

The DUROSOG-W series can be optionally supplied certificates confirming compliance with Dust Classes M and H for the extraction of toxic (M) and carcinogenic (H) dusts. The extraction of dry, flammable, non-conductiing dusts in Zone 22 is also possible with an additional certificate

Dust Class M

Transmittance < 0,1 %. Class M dusts are considered "moderately" toxic.

Dust class H

Transmittance< 0,005 %. Dusts of this class are considered "highly" toxic.

Zone 22

The area in which an explosive atmosphere is never or only briefly present during normal operation.

Data & Downloads

Max. Airflow m³/h 300
Intake diameter mm 50
Max. negative pressure Pa 22.000
Voltage V 400
Motor kW 2,2
Filter surface* 3
Dust filter bag l 70
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 850 x 630 x 950
Weight kg 80
Sound level dB(A) 72
Order Number    
DUROSOG-I-D/N (Standard model)   8120 N
DUROSOG-I-D/M (Dust classification M)   8120 M
DUROSOG-I-D/H (Dust classification H)   8120 H
DUROSOG-I-D/M/B22 (Dust classification m, Test certificate B22)   8212 B
DUROSOG-I-D/H/B22 (Dust classification H, Test certificate B22)   8122 B

* Filter only with certified model


Perfectly tailored to the product

Effective extraction technology demands high-performance accessories. Ask our international sales team for suitable offers.

  • Suction accessories

  • Paper filter bags

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