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Modular filter units for almost any location and industry.

Use the DUSTMAC series to implement individual installation concepts for central multi-location extraction. Depending on the type of dust, volume, incidence and composition of the dust, the appropriate filters are used in the filter housing. A suitable fan (e.g. MDV, RG) can be integrated into the installation concept based on the specific requirements. A pipe system can be used to connect the installation with a number of extraction sites.


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Application DUSTMAC series

  • Multi-site extraction in industry

  • As a filter unit for medium-pressure installations of up to 15,000 Pascal

  • Sawing, cutting, separating
  • Welding, soldering
  • Grinding, polishing
  • Machining, milling
  • Refilling, empyting, mixing

  • Metal dusts

  • Welding fumes

  • Concrete dusts

  • Plastic dusts

  • Fibrous substances

  • Configurable for any type of dust

Stationary setup

Stationary extraction systems are installed either directly at the extraction point or centrally in the machine room 

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning cleans the filter cartridges individually automatically during and after suction.

  • Modularly expandable

  • Customer-specific installation

  • Configurable based on the dust type

  • Low operating costs due to cleanable filter media

  • Low space requirement due to compact construction

  • High efficiency of filter cleaning during suction operation 

  • Installation size can be adapted to the use case in question

  • Pre-separation principle uses a settling chamber

  • Available with cartridge or hose filter

DUSTMAC modules

The modular construction of the ESTA DUSTMAC series allows the extraction systems to be adapted to the use case in question and the specific requirements on-site. As a result, our customers always have the the installation implementation that fits their needs exactly.

We make a basic distinction between high and medium pressure fans. Medium-pressure fans have a high air volume for as full as possible capture of the medium being extracted. High-pressure fans is used to extract directly at the source at high air speeds. The fans are usually assembled on the filter unit with a power of up to 15kW.

The filter unit is the heart of the extraction system. Depending on the type of dust, amount, incidence, and composition, the appropriate filters are used in the filter housing. The filters are cleaned during and after suction operation. This proceeds fully automatically using the jet-pulse system. The geometry of the filter housing is crucial for a long filter life and fully-functional filter cleaning. It guarantees the right technical flow characteristics in the housing.

Hose filters are used for dusts which have the tendency to stick to the filter media due to their temperature, moisture and hygroscopicity. The hose filters used by ESTA can be adapted to the use case in various versions (material, coating).


Cartridge filters offer a very high filter surface area for a small area taken up on the installation. This makes them especially suited for the extraction of dry and granulated dusts. The cartridges used by ESTA can be adjusted to the use case using different models (material,geometry, coating). Cartridge filters with grooved filter material for very long service lives also under high loads and in uninterrupted operation.


Suitable filters can be chosen from many to collect the material cleaned by the filters. Usually, the cleaned dust is collected under the cone in a barrel. 50, 100 or 200 litre barrels are available for selection. Additional yield models include e.g. cell wheel sluices for continuous yield, large-volume containers, double pendulum valves or pinch valves.

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