Modular dust extractors for dry and free-flowing dusts.

DUSTMAC P stationary dust extractors  (with cartridge filter) are used as central extraction systems or for single-station extraction with high air volume requirements. They are ideal for continuous operation for extracting dry, free-flowing and non-explosive dusts.

The cartridge filters are available in a variety of versions for different dust types. Moreover, the system can be expanded as needed.

Your Benefits

  • Suitable for most types of dust
  • Low operating costs due cleanable filter cartridges
  • Modular design (expandable)
  • Customer specific design

Special Features

  • Pulse-jet cleaning
  • Effective filter cleaning during suction operation
  • Pre-separation of collected dirt in a raw-gas collection container
  • Minimal space requirements

At a Glance

Stationary installation

Stationary installation

Stationary dust extractors are installed next to the processing machine or at a central location in production halls.

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet cleaning clears the filter cartridges from the inside out (clean gas side). This loosens dust stuck to the exterior of the cartridges, and it falls into the collection container. The filter cartridges are automatically cleanes individually. Pulse-jet cleaning allows filter cleaning during suction operation with no need to shut off the extractor.


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Application Range

  • Cartridge filter system for central extraction
  • Individual and multiple workstation extraction
  • For dry, free-flowing, non-explosive dusts

Special Versions

  • Special filter materials
  • Custom paint finish
  • Fan with various capacities
  • Pre-Separator
  • ATEX version
  • Coating for use outside



Ideal for

  • Cotton dust
  • Chemical dust
  • CRP-/GRP-dust
  • Metal dust
  • Mineral dust
  • Stone dust

All types of dust at a glance

Tested Quality

The DUSTMAC-P-series are optionally available as ATEX versions. This means they can be safely used to extract dry, flammable and non-conducting dusts in Zone 22.

ATEX-compliant devices

For use in explosive areas. (ATmosphére EXplosive)

Data & Downloads

DUSTMAC   P-20 P-40 P-60 P-90
Max. Airflow m³/h ca. 2.600 ca. 4.500 ca. 7.800 ca. 9.700
Intake/outlet diameter mm 160/280 224/355 280/300 355/450
Max. negative pressure Pa 2.000 3.200 3.800 3.800
Voltage V 400 400 400 400
Motor kW 2,2 4,0 5,5 7,5
Filter surface 20 40 60 90
Filter elements Pieces 2 4 6 9
Dust collection container l 100 100 100 100
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1.310x1.055x3.250 1.310x1.300x3.295 1.750x1.300x3.740 1.900x1.880x3.770
Sound level   67 73 78 83
Order Number   661.020 661.040 661.060 661.090



Perfectly tailored to the product

Effective extraction technology demands high-performance accessories. Ask our international sales team for suitable offers.

  • Extraction arms

  • Piping system

  • Extraction hood

  • Extraction pipes

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