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Wide range of extraction arms for your individual needs

ESTA extraction arms capture welding and soldering fumes, gases, vapours and dusts directly at source and can be connected to a central extraction unit via fans or a pipeline. Pneumatic springs ensure the extraction arms can easily be brought into the required position within their range. The external support construction ensures that the air volume is not impeded as a means of ensuring that effective extraction is possible.

Our extraction arms come fully-preassembled and are available with a range of different extraction hoods, hoses, mounting types, and in many nominal widths (50 mm to 200 mm) and ranges (1.5 m to 8.0 m).


Extraction hood

Flanged hood

For pinpoint-capture of dust and fumes

Square hood

For extraction over a large area

Square Plastic hood

For effective capture of fume gases

Types of hoses

Suction- & conveying house

This ultra-flexible hose is an extraction and blower hose, especially suited for welding fume extraction for ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

PU spiral hose

This polyurethane hose is flame-retardant and thus suitable for the extraction of wooden dusts and shavings, also abrasive solids such as dusts, powder, fibres and shavings.

Electrically conductive hose – up to 80°C

As a conductive extraction & blower hose, this hose is especially suitable for extraction in areas at risk of explosion (EX protection).

Electrically conductive hose – up to 170°C

This conductive hose in its heavy-duty version is very suitable for extraction in areas at risk of explosion (EX-protection). It can also be used as a folding bellows and compensator.

Hose food & pharmaceutical industry

This hose is especially suitable for extracting in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry. However it can also be used to extract aggressive solids and gaseous media.

High-temperature hose

The flame-retardant extraction hose is especially suitable for the extraction of aggressive solid materials and gaseous media but can also be used as a compensator and folding bellows.

Special hose for increased flying sparks

Especially suited for grinding dust extraction with high volumes of flying sparks and welding fume extraction with increased volumes of flying sparks. Hot, abrasive dusts can also be extracted.

Types of attachment

Wall console

For wall-attachment, can be swivelled to one side by 90°.

Wall console with boom

For wall-attachment, can be swivelled to one side by 90°.

Standpipe with upright fixture

For attachment to a standpipe, for mobile use

Attachment to filter device using standpipe

For attachment to a filter unit, can easily switched between different filter units in a custom way

Cover console

For ceiling attachment, can be swivelled by a 360° ball-joint


The extraction arm is also available as an ATEX model.
You need the ATEX model to extract in explosion zones 1/21 and 2/22.

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