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Stationary dust extractors can also delivered with IFA test certificate H.

The stationary MOBEX P compact dust extractor is suitable for extracting dry, granulated dusts. These dust extractors can be used in almost all industries for single- and multiple workstation extraction, e.g. In circular saws, grinding and milling machines. Up to four extraction sites can be operated at the same time. The devices are based on an innovative housing concept with patent-pending crease system. Optionally available as an IFA-tested model.

Gallery MOBEX P series

Application MOBEX P series

  • For universal uses for dusts and shavings in the metal and plastic industry and many other industries

  • Single- or multiple workstation extraction at dust-/shaving-generating machines

  • Polishing work stations, e.g. in the in shoe industry in instrument manufacturing, etc. 

  • Sawing, cutting, separating

  • Grinding, polishing

  • Machining, milling

  • Refilling, emptying, mixing

  • Metal dust

  • Metal shavings

  • Plastic shaving

  • Plastic dust

Mobile set-up

Easy and flexible to use makes it ideal for frequently-changing use locations.

Stationary setup

Fixed extraction systems which can be connected next to processing machines.

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning

Jet-Pulse filter cleaning cleans the filter cartridges individually automatically during and after suction.


For use in areas subject to risk of explosion. 

Dust class H

Suitable for the extraction of all harmful/carcinogenic dusts.


Meets health and safety requirements. 

  • High suction force

  • Low operating costs thanks to cleanable permanent filter

  • Long filter service lives due to pre-separator system

  • Low operating noise thanks to noise-insulated housing

  • Small space requirement due to compact design

  • Simple, dust-free removal of gathered material with sealable dust collection box

  • Innovative housing construction made of sturdy sandwich panels

  • Pre-separation system with integrated impact panel in the pipe intake

  • Jet-Pulse filter cleaning

  • New disposal system with lockable dust collection box (IFA-tested)

  • Optional: mobile version

  • Special filter materials

  • Fire-protection device

  • Extinguishing device

  • Pre-separator

Customer feedback MOBEX P series

Volker Giesselmann

Volker Giesselmann

CEO of Franz Giesselmann GmbH

„The before and after effect was very apparent to us. Our employees are experiencing the benefits of optimum air quality and clean workstations. The lower cleaning requirements on our machines has also reduced ongoing costs and increased our productivity.“

Downloads & data MOBEX P series

MOBEX P-24 P-36
Max. air volume flow
2,800 4,500
Intake diameter
200 250
Max. negative pressure
3,400 3,400
Intake voltage
400 400
Drive power
3.0 4.0
Filter surface
2 3
Filter elements
2 36
Dust collection container
2 x 38 2 x 38
Dimensions (L/B/H)
1,910 x 1,040 x 2,030* 2,030 x 1,040 x 2,030*
310 350
Sound emission
71 74

* with dust collection box

MOBEX P-24 P-36
Standard design 09831 09832
Tested to dust class H 09833 09834
ATEX model 09840 09841
eco+ 09842 09843

Innovative control MOBEX P series

The MOBEX series of devices are also available as a ESTAeco+ version for a maximum of efficiency and safety.
The newly-developed ESTA EasyControl device control comes into use. This ensures very strong power savings of up to 50%.

Function of ESTA EasyControl device control

  • Timer switch
  • Remote maintenance
  • Dust sensor is used to control suction performance
  • Monitoring of residual dust and filter rupture

  • Fill level measurement in the collecting container optional
  • Fully automated control and adjustment of volume flow to preset value

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Accessories MOBEX P series

Extraction arms

For capturing welding- and soldering fume, gases, vapour and dusts. Connection to extraction system or fan possible.

Welding masks

Protection for eyes from dangerous welding arcs with DINplus-certified welding helmets

Protective walls

Flexible protection walls for a safe working environment in the welding shop

Pipe system

For connecting multiple suction points to a central extraction unit. Extensive range of sturdy, high-quality finish spiral seam pipe parts.

Extraction hood

Optimal capture directly at origin. Flanged, square or modular system extraction hoods are available depending on the application.

Dust collection box

Sealable card for ensuring low-dust disposal.

Extraction hoses

Conveyor connection for solid, liquid and gaseous media. Flexible, vibration-absorbent and noise-damping.


For connection to one dust extractor. Extracting medium and coarse particles reduce the strain on the filter and thus longer filter lives.

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